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Orthopedic Pillow For Neck

Orthopedic Pillow For Neck


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  • Size: 61*32*13*7 cm / 24*12.6*5.1*2.7 inch  
  • Weight: 1.17 kg/2.6(lb) 
  •  Pillow Core Material: This pillow core made by premium memory foam. The feature of slow rebounding will make pillow suit to shape of the head on a higher level.  
  • Pillowcase Material: Velvet  
  • Pillowcase Colors: White 
  • Order Include: Only 1 x pillow  OR   1 x Neck Pillow + 1 x Waist Pillow 


13cm High Side -- If you are tall than 5.7ft (175cm), your wider shoulder will need such a high side from the pillow. 

Central Groove Design -- Depression in the middle helps back sleepers get a lower position of the head, which helps avoid straighten the natural curve of the neck. When putting the head on a pillow, your neck is lifted about half-inch higher than the head.  

Wider -- The wedge-shaped extensions perfectly fit the outline of face and neck for side sleepers, and specially designed 60°angle bottom of pillow would spare room for your shoulder.  


Reverse slope keeps your head on the same line with the spine to prevent stiff neck for side sleepers; Tiny cavities on cover provide skin-friendly feeling; Low noise of memory foam ensures peaceful and cozy sleep.